Presenting the grassland management book of GreatBustardLIFE project

On 19 November in National Centre for Biodivertsity and Gene Conservation, Gödöllő nature conservation and press conference was held in order to present the Grassland management handbook produced by GreatBustardLIFE project for the public.

Bertalan Balczó greets the presentation

Bertalan Balczó, deputy state secretary of Ministry of Agriculture greets the book presentation

Great bustard male visiting relatives in Dóc

A male great bustard was spotted near a wintering crane (Grus grus - taxonomically relative to great bustards) flock on the agricultural fields of Dóc. This area is a Natura 2000 SPA, supervised by Kiskunság National Park Directorate (KNPI). Cranes are regular guests here in this time of the year, however it was not known as great bustard habitat. This data is significant for the efforts of Great Bustard LIFE project acivity mapping the metapopulation of great bustards in the Carpathian basin.

Autumn great bustard survey in Körös-Maros National Park Directorate areas

In September conservation experts took a survey of great bustards in the areas of Körös-Maros Natonal Park Directorate. According to Spanish experiences this time of the year allows field experts to observe great bustard families (chick(s) and female) more easily due to the less dense agricultural vegetation, and closer to the former nests due to the lower mobility of the chicks, therefore detection and localisation of successful breeding can be achieved compared to winter surveys.